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THIS IS ONE ON TOP OF ONE and of course always remember: Old MASONS Never die.. They just lose their marbles and throw in the trowel.

THE WALL of the IDX Tower

White marble with stainless steel accents

A closer view with another wall as you look left.

Here you can see the white marble floor. My apprentice and I also worked on each of the columns that are in all four corners of the bank lobby. We also worked on the upper and lower walls that you can see.

Another view of the IDX Tower lobby


This is the hallway from the south entrance of the IDX Tower. This is another wall that we worked on. As you can see the white marble floor in the picture these are preceded by a set of white marble steps as you enter the building.


OKAY! OKAY! I know that this is not one on top of two.
But it is one on top of one and it is white marble that is surrounded by wood panels and the marble has stainless steel accents in it.
This wall started 20 feet in the air and then when up 40 feet.
There are 12 corners in it. A 90% marble mason apprentice and I built this.
It is in the bank lobby of the IDX Tower in Seattle on the northwest corner that I worked on.

These pictures are from the job I had this summer. I started on June 11, 2009 and worked until October 8, 2009. It is located at 635 W. Elliot Ave. in Seattle. It is 2 four story buildings. I started working on the east side of the south building and then worked both the east and south sides. When we finished the south building I worked on the north side of the north building until we topped it out.


2200 WESTLAKE AVENUE: I worked on this job for a little over a month from March 20, 2009 until April 24, 2009. My helper was a young finisher apprentice named Gabe Blackford. He is an excellent  worker who should go far in the trade and will make a fine marble mason.
The stone on this job was limestone. We made a lot cuts and fabricating for the the northwest corner.


            THE BRAVERN - BELLEVUE,WA.                                                                                          


I worked on The Bravern from 2/23 to 3/7/09 all overtime to it help complete the project on schedule for the Grand Opening. The first two pictures are of columns that I worked on by the elevators. The next two pictures are on the other side of the columns.
The next two picture are of the fireplace that I worked on with Marble mason Steve Kiazyk. I started working with Steve on the course just above the mantle. We had three helpers that would bring the stone to us and feed it up the scaffolding along with our materials.
While Steve was dry setting the piece I would drill the holes in the next piece and install the copper wire anchors and then we would plaster it in place.
The cut limestone on the left was installed by another crew as was the brown marble mantle. The fireplace and the columns are honed limestone. The orange vertical strip is glass with fiber optic lighting behind it. Should look pretty good in the evening with the fire burning and the nights low.

THE MICROSOFT CAMPUS: This job was my first job after 22 months off from rotator cuff surgery. I started working on it in August of 2008 and stayed on it until the middle of February of 2009. My helper on this job was  journeymen finisher Shayne Sandage. He is now a marble apprentice.  Shayne is excellent worker and will be a good marble mason and I am looking forward to the day when he will be the foreman on the job.
We started out on Building #94 on the Feature Wall which is a cream colored limestone.  Then we were moved to columns where we built two columns on #94. We then moved to building #95 where we started off installing the 2nd and 3rd courses of black granite on the columns bases. Then we built 2 columns using the red limestone. I then built 2 interior walls with another finisher.
I then moved to building # 97 where I worked on a couple of interior walls and then on to building #96 where I built the one exterior wall and 2 interior walls. Buildings #96 is the dark colored granite and #97 used the light colored granite. 



This the elevator lobby for The Lincoln Center in Bellevue, WA.. I worked on it for two weeks in October of 2005 working overtime to help finish it so The Lincoln Center could open on schedule. 


THE ELLIOT HOTEL - This is a granite job I worked on for Henson's Masonry. I started just before Thanksgiving and worked on it until June. It is located in downtown Seattle across from GameWorks.
This job did have a different anchoring system from what we normally use. The first four pictures show the south entrance of the hotel with red flamed granite and the black polished base pieces. The second four pictures show the black polished base pieces going up the west side of the building where it stops by the entrance to The Cheesecake Factory.
This is where I was working when Seattle had it's last big earthquake. We could look across the street at the mirrored glass of GameWorks and in the reflection of the glass we could see the streets rolling with the vehicles moving up and down. It was pretty cool.



WASHINGTON MUTUAL TOWER - This is the first granite job I worked on in Seattle. The company was Barkshire Panel systems.The tower was built with a panel system while the bottom five floors were all hand set with an extrusion system.
I installed a lot of the square aluminum medallions on the lower floors as well as setting granite on columns and various other places on the building.
I started on this job in the fall of the 1988 and worked on it until May of 1989.






AUSTIN, TX.  This is the first stone job I worked on as a journeyman bricklayer.The company was Intrepid Enterprises. The stone on this job is travatine marble. I set some stone and did a lot of cutting and making pieces on this job.